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Regrettably, we were not able to reach our goal of 1500 Bibles. To those who did contribute WE THANK YOU - GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU! All 1000 Bibles we were able to purchase should soon be in the hands of Cloverdale Bible Way within the next 2 or 3 weeks.  

Anyone wishing to Donate SAFELY to The Ministry of The William Branham Home Page can SAFELY donate online to this world wide ministry through the Federal Government online Secure Server. The Federal Government will issue an official receipt to the donors and deposit the donations directly into the Bible Believers Association, Inc. Bank Account.

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If you wish you may send check or money order to the address below. A Tax Deductible  Receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

Brother Branham said:
"I've tried it many times not even to pass the collection plate at all, but it don't work. See? Because giving is a part of our religion. It's a part of our duty. No matter if it's just a dime or whatever it is, or a penny, it's all..."
                                       A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord: Wm. Branham - 02/17/65

The prophet did remind us: "You've got to do something for God to honor."

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