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Really, it doesn't matter whether or not you know who "we" are. What is important is what we're doing, and that is "being a Voice" echoing the Revealed Word for this last Age. Regardless of how close we are to the "end" there has to be a Voice constantly sounding out the Word. Only then can God be just in His judgment. He will always have someone sounding forth the Word as a witness "for" or "against" the world.

Still, there are many who would like to know "who" we are. The following paragraphs will give a testimony of the Grace of God in one little Assembly.

The "William Branham Home Page" is sponsored by The Congregation of the Bible Believers Association in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. All work at the Site - it's set-up and daily maintenance, is under the supervision of it's Pastor, Gerald A. Lush. We feel greatly honored that the Lord has chosen us for this task. We covet the prayers of the Saints.
This Association of The Bible Believers was established in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada in December, 1979. It was the result of 'one' young brother, Mark Coffey, responding to a newspaper advertisement sponsored by another Assembly on the Island. For a number of months this brother, a Roman Catholic at the time, had been searching for the meaning of life. He had questions: WHERE did we really come from? WHY are we here? WHERE are we going? HOW do we get there?

For him, the Roman Catholic Church could not answer his questions or dissolve the doubts which troubled his mind. Knowing very little about religion, other than his Roman Catholic up-bringing, he sought his answers from other religious groups but to no avail. Within his soul there was a "deep calling to the deep". He felt driven by a force unknown and led by a hand unseen - Like Abraham of old, he went out, not knowing where he was going. He was following what he would later learn to be "Faith".

The advertisement headline read: "A True Prophet To the Gentiles". It spoke of God being the same yesterday, today, and forever. It brought God, as the Living God, out of the past and into the Present Tense. He wrote asking for literature to check these things out. One by one he began to read the booklets which spoke of what God was doing in the Present. The answers began to come to his questions. The doubts in his heart were dissolved and the Love of God was shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Spirit quickening to his understanding the WORD FOR THIS DAY. He FOUND the Lord Jesus Christ as 'his' Personal Saviour. He became a new creature in Christ Jesus.

Within a few weeks, seven more had joined our brother to rejoice with him over what God had done , and was doing in these days. As time passed, the little church here grew to about 35 in number. Today (2007), after a few of the saints moved to other areas the number remains at 30 - this includes a number of children.

During it's first five years, one of our deacons - Bro. Barry Coffey, started and supervised the church's small printing operation. During that time we printed thousands and thousands of booklets and tracts and sent them around the world. Through the printing operation we have ministered in over 60 countries. Years after we had ceased printing, we were still receiving requests for more literature. The WORD is still going. Praise The Lord!

In August of 1995 the Lord laid it on Bro. Mark Coffey's heart to approach his Pastor about the possibility of putting a witness of this End Time Message on the Internet. This led to the formation of "The William Branham Home Page", to bear witness to a new generation of human beings that are daily traveling the World Wide Information Highway. It is said that over one hundred million people travel this highway. Maybe ONE of them might be the "last" predestinated Seed. We are not only witnessing to those who have never heard "The Message", but we have discovered that many 'Believers' are 'feeding' on the 'Spiritual Food In Due Season" which is being presented in these Pages. To God Be The Glory!

The past 27 years hold many milestones for this little group of Believers here in St. John's. There have many many trials, many times of testing, but in it all, we have found, like Paul, that The GRACE of GOD has been sufficient to take us through. Ninety-Eight percent of the cost of all the "outreach" we have done has been funded by the little Assembly here. THANK GOD FOR HIS GRACE.

We covet your prayers for The ministry of The William Branham Home Page here in 'Newfoundland'. Indeed, through the Message Of The Hour, we are pointing the people to the "New-Found-Land" of the promised Word. We are calling ALL Believers to "Come Back To The Homeland" - THE WORD FOR THIS HOUR!

The William Branham Home Page is a Non-Profit Christian Ministry Of the Bible Believers Association In St. John's, (Paradise), Newfoundland, Canada; and is wholly funded by the tax-deductible donations of our supporters.  

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